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House of Reps Own “Cable Channel”

The U.S. House of Representatives Clerk’s,“HouseLive service”, allows you to watch streaming live and archived video feeds of House floor proceedings dating back to 2009. The House Recording Studio had been video taping the proceeding for some time. …

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CALL Proposed Bylaws Changes 2013/2014

After reviewing the proposed bylaws changes below, please cast your vote at


The proposed changes and brief comments for each are set forth below.



Neither membership, nor full participation in the activities of this Association, …

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Catherine Sanders Reach’s presentation on Information Overload

Catherine Sanders Reach, Director of Law Practice Management & Technology at the Chicago Bar Association, gave a wonderful and very informative presentation on managing information overload at our November Business Meeting.  If you missed it, or want a review,  download

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CRIV & CALL’s Continuing Education Committee October 10th Brown Bag

Have you ever read a vendor contract, signed it, then were surprised at what you had agreed to? Ramsey Donnell is going to review various phrases that are in actual vendor contracts. Learn what phrases can remain, and which ones …

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