House of Reps Own “Cable Channel”

The U.S. House of Representatives Clerk’s,“HouseLive service”, allows you to watch streaming live and archived video feeds of House floor proceedings dating back to 2009. The House Recording Studio had been video taping the proceeding for some time. But it is only with the collaboration of the Library of Congress to digitize, archive and present this content, that it has become available to the public.
(LCM  Library of Congress Magazine  March/April  p.4)

The service includes recordings from 2009 to the present. Users can watch current hearings live or call up recordings from the past. The recordings are listed by date. Within each day’s video, specific portions can be browsed and selected.


The ability to download the video (MP4) or the audio (MP3) is provided. A direct link to that day’s Congressional Record is also provided.

The service also includes selected “special events on demand”. These may include the State of the Union Addresses and addresses to Congress by foreign dignitaries.

It is heartening to see that the cooperation between the House and the Library of Congress has produced such a useful  service for citizens. Perhaps this example might have a salutary effect on the relationship among the House members themselves. ….Keep watching.

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