Government Relations Committee Survey

The Government Relations Committee would like to better understand CALL members’ representatives and issues of interest to CALL Members.  This is in an effort to further the organization’s advocacy goals, and more meaningfully advocate for our members.  To accomplish this, the committee has created a survey.

The purpose of this survey is to get a sense of CALL Members’ representation and determine Representatives that may be optimal to reach out to when advocacy for library and information issues are especially critical. There is also a question about issues which may be a priority for CALL members, as it would be helpful to better understand issues of importance for our members. These priority issues came from AALL.

Special relationships can be enormously helpful for advocacy when an extra push is needed. AALL has asked that you share information about special relationships with representatives. This is voluntary, and an opt-out option is included.

 The survey will be open for a month and can be found here:


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