CALL Bulletin Issue 256 (Summer)

Hello CALL Members!

Please take a look at the recent Summer issue of the CALL Bulletin (Issue 256: PDF or WordPress).

As usual, this Summer issue has every Committee report from the last year, but there are also more in depth profiles on all of our CALL Award winners. Also, please take a look at the current Bulletin committee bios, and feel free to reach out to any of us on the committee if you have an idea you would like to publish.

Looking forward, we will be reaching out to you over the next couple weeks to help with our Fall Issue: COVID Reopening Progress and Pitfalls.  We would like to hear from every CALL institution on how reopening plans have gone, and what successes and setbacks everyone has faced. We are hoping to provide (1) a summary of different experiences as well as (2) create a historical document for future CALL members to look back on how COVID disrupted library operations, and how all of us took tremendous steps to maintain our high levels of service.

If you would like to represent your institution please reach out to Matt Timko. Otherwise, someone from your institution will hear from us shortly.

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