The CALL Continuing Education Committee Needs Your Input

Choose Your Own (educational) Adventure!

This year, the CALL Continuing Education Committee would like to try something new.  Instead of simply telling our members the programs that will be hosted, we would like to give each of our members a voice in determining what types of programs will be offered.

Would you like to see more programs dealing with technology?  Let us know!  Would you like to work on your leadership skills?  We can help!

By empowering our members and making each of you an active participant in the process of identifying helpful topics, we hope to make this year’s Continuing Ed events as successful and well-attended as possible.

To assist us in this goal, we ask that you complete a brief survey to give us an idea of what types of topics and which specific ideas are most important to our members.  If you have any additional ideas, or would prefer to contact us directly, please do not hesitate to contact one of the Continuing Education Committee Chairs:

Scott Vanderlin –
Thank you for your help!

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