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CALL Mentorship and Leadership Development Committee (MLDC)

The CALL Mentorship and Leadership Development Committee (MLDC) greets new members, coordinates mentors, organizes leadership events, works to recruit members for committee service, encourages and supports member professional development and professional writing activities, and helps members write and submit program proposals.

An Oral History Law Librarianship

HeinOnline’s An Oral History of Law Librarianship includes interviews with several CALL members.  These interviews are available to stream on HeinOnline’s Spinelli’s Law Library Reference Shelf and on YouTube.

The list of current or former CALL members whose interviews are available includes:

CALL Members Featured in AALL Spectrum

CALL members have been selected for Leader Profiles in AALL Spectrum. Leader Profiles for CALL members are linked below:

CALL members have also been selected for Member Profiles in AALL Spectrum. Member Profiles are linked below:


Photo Gallery – CALL Leaders in Action

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