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Shareholders Strike Back on Privacy


As public concern over federal government surveillance of online activity grows, a new wrinkle has been introduced. Shareholders in large communications companies are attempting to force those companies to disclose data about how often they share user data with …

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New Congressional Bill Confronts Open-ended Government Surveillance

The government finally confirmed, after years of denials, that it was collecting our phone records in bulk. But we are told by the President and various spokespersons that since there are very strict rules in place on the uses …

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100th Anniversary of The“Constitution Annotated” Brings New App for Access


The United States has the world’s oldest constitution, written over 225 years ago.  For 100 years , the publication “The Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation”, has provided  analysis  by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) …

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House of Reps Own “Cable Channel”

The U.S. House of Representatives Clerk’s,“HouseLive service”, allows you to watch streaming live and archived video feeds of House floor proceedings dating back to 2009. The House Recording Studio had been video taping the proceeding for some time. …

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